Tenecteplase (TNK-t PA)


  • Composition
    Each vial with lyophilized powder contains the following active pharmaceutical ingredient:
    Elaxim 50: 50 mg of Tecnecteplase (recombinant plasminogen tissue activator).

  • Indications
    Elaxim is indicated for the thrombolytic treatment of the acute myocardial infarction (AMI) to reduce the mortality associated with AMI.

  • Contraindications
    Therapy with TNK-t-PA in patients with acute myocardial infarction is contraindicated in the following situations because of an increased risk of bleeding:
    - Active internal bleeding
    - History of stroke
    - Intracranial or intraspinal surgery or trauma within two months
    - Intracranial neoplasm, arteriovenous malformation or aneurysm
    - Known bleeding diathesis
    - Severe uncontrolled hypertension
    - Hypersensitivity to TNK-t-PA

  • Presentation
    Elaxim 50: box containing one vial with lyophilized powder + one vial with 8 mL of solvent + syringe.