For Laboratorios Clausen SA it is essential to ensure that we provide safe, effective and high quality drugs, reason why, it is important to promote an institutional pharmacovigilance program. To accomplish this goal, we have created a multidisciplinary Department where physicians and pharmaceutics chemists work together. The commitment with our products does not end when they are marketed, but is rather a continuous and permanent effort.

What is pharmacovigilance?
Pharmacovigilance is concerned with the identification, assessment and prevention of risks associated with drugs once marketed. Its main objectives are:
  1. Early detection of adverse reactions and interactions so far unknown.
  2. The detection of increased frequency of adverse reactions (known).
  3. The estimate of the quantitative aspects of risk/benefit ratio and the diffusion of needed information to improve the regulation and prescription drugs.

In order to continue to improve we have created a space to send us any questions you may have about our products. The members of the Pharmacovigilance Department will answer you.

The information you send is confidential.

Uppsala Monitoring Centre, World Health Organization